Why to Choose Green Garden

Why to Choose Green Garden for Handwriting Improvement Course? 

Pioneers in the field: We have an experience over 18 years in this field. We have been conducting an English Handwriting Improvement course in 30 schools all over Tamilnadu for 30,000 students every year. We have trained more than 5000 School Teachers in 100 schools. 

Instructional methodology: A unique instructional methodology are incorporated in the course, which enables the students to improve their handwriting quickly and effectively.  

Logical sequence: Handwriting Training Materials have been so designed to cover all the essential components of handwriting and the lessons have been so structured in a logical sequence facilitating learning handwriting in an effective way leading to internalization of the skills.  

Exhaustive course materials: We use exhaustive course materials to train the students based on individual needs and difficulties. We provide classwork, homework, remedial work, and follow-up work materials. 

Individual/personal care: Each student is given personal care and attention by the handwriting instructors. There is no batch or group study. 

Flexible timing:  Students can choose their flexible timings. Green Garden (Head Office) opens from 9: 30 am to 6 pm on all working days. 

Experienced instructors: We have rich experienced teachers in the art of Teaching Handwriting. 

Safe Environment: All the teaching staffs are lady teachers, who take care of the students in motherly care. Green Garden is under the surveillance of CCTV. 

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