Green Garden Handwriting Centre

Handwriting Teacher Training

The school management may select one or two teachers (+2 pass / Degree) for teaching handwriting. Trainer’s Training will be given by Green Garden for 5 days at Coimbatore to teach English Cursive Handwriting (Green Handwriting).

The trained handwriting teacher may be appointed and paid by the school. If needed handwriting course material can be purchased from Green Garden.

The trainer’s training course fee will be fixed based on the total number of students, who would be benefited. In case the handwriting teacher leaves the school in the middle of the year, another teacher deputed by the school will be given training at Coimbatore free of cost. This concession is applicable for the particular year only.

If consultation and follow-up are needed from the resource persons from Green Garden, it can be availed by paying honorarium as may be fixed by Green Garden for each visit.